Hello, and Welcome to Sustainable Visions Coaching!

I’m Dr. Fiona Nagle, coach for Authentic Leaders and champion of Authentic Leadership.  If you want to be more authentic in your life and as a leader, I offer 2 types of services to help:

  1. Consulting for anyone involved with an environmental issue (First 30-minute consultation is FREE. $100/hour thereafter. Project rates upon request.)
  2. Coaching for women on feminine leadership (First 30-minute coaching is FREE. $80/hour thereafter. Also ask me about 6-week-plus coaching rates.) CONTACT ME BUTTON
What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic Leadership is a new paradigm for people committed to making a difference in the world, and is tailor-made for the global paradigm shift toward heightened consciousness. Authentic Leaders…

  • Live in accord with their own highest values and integrity
  • Empower and inspire those around them to help fulfill their vision for a better world
  • Act for the good of that vision, people, the planet, and future generations
  • Are courageous and accountable, even in the face of adversity
  • Make the world a little better simply by being committed to authenticity

You can learn more HERE.

Would you like to be a more authentic leader? Achieve truly effective and great results AND feel excellent about getting results in the best way possible?

I can help.