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Dr. Fiona Nagle is an Authentic Leadership coach, speaker, and author. Her passion is helping individuals and organizations achieve their greatest potential so that people and planet will benefit. She does this by…

  • Showing women how to integrate their feminine and masculine energies so they can be more authentic to themselves and more effective as leaders;
  • Empowering men to connect better with their supporters and their own sense of honor and authenticity;
  • Creating a public dialogue about the current paradigm shift toward Authentic Leadership.
Authenticity – the zone of inquiry



Since 2001, Dr. Nagle has been deeply researching the nature and practical application of authenticity in philosophy, individuals, relationships, governance, and cultures.



Creator of the MOAA, Model of Authentic Arenas (a comprehensive framework that enables better environmental decision-making and expands understanding of what it means to be authentic in leadership).


Creator of the Model of Authentic Arenas (MOAA) – a comprehensive framework that enables better environmental decision-making and expands understanding of what it means to be authentic in leadership.



4587 Salon

In 2010, she founded support groups for women and men committed to being their best and most authentic selves (now over a dozen such groups meet across the United States, led by women trained in the art and craft of authentic feminine leadership by Fiona). She continues to lead gatherings in Los Angeles, and receives as much enlightenment as she offers.


Fiona is indebted to many, notably authentic leadership pioneer Robert Terry, community transformation theorist E. Franklin Dukes, and relationships expert Alison Armstrong.

“I find the whole concept of authenticity a powerful frame. You have gone way past where I have been dabbling, by identifying the six conditions so beautifully [in the Model of Authentic Arenas]. The framework appeals because it is intuitively compelling, clear, and has explanatory power as described in your case studies. It also is a term that resonates for people who become engaged in collaborative processes, who often respond strongly to the presence or absence of authenticity. It also integrates an essential moral dimension while offering practical utility. I had removed the term from my chapter title [in Community-Based Collaboration], feeling it was too presumptuous, but am emboldened to put it back in!” ~ Dr. E. Franklin Dukes, author of Resolving Public Conflict: Transforming Community and Governance


Background – art, science, environment

ballet picProfessional ballet dancer at a young age, performed lead roles with companies in New York and the Midwest. Later became ballet mistress of Illinois Ballet – teaching, coaching, running rehearsals, and encouraging artistic growth. This last was one of her all-time favorite jobs and set her on the path of helping others realize their full potential.




wombies_2BS in Environmental Studies (University of California-Berkeley, graduated highest honors and Phi Beta Kappa)

“You don’t have to convince the whole world in order to change people’s behavior toward the environment. It just takes a handful of people in the right place, at the right time, taking the right action, to make the difference. The rest will follow.” ~ lessons from Dr. Barney Nietschmann, a Berkeley mentor


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PhD in Conservation Biology/Conflict Management (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities). Focused on environmental dispute resolution, biodiversity, and climate change. 

“We live in a world beset by environmental problems…Optimists believe governments are beginning to manage the global issues, communities are being pro-active in addressing local environmental problems, and individuals are taking action in their personal lives to change their values and behaviors. Eventually we will reach a critical mass of desire to change the world, whereupon…wiser heads will prevail.” ~ Fiona Nagle, PhD, in Empowering Conservation Decisions


Leadership – maverick, problem-solver, change-maker, visionary

IMG_9142 meetingA leader in the nonprofit, business, academic, and government sectors.

Roles have included nonprofit director, general business partner, entrepreneur, program developer, project manager, conference organizer, group facilitator, and educator.

Expertise includes capacity-building, dispute resolution, strategic planning, visioning, creative problem-solving, financial management, event coordination, and community outreach.

Reputation: Effective, Energetic, Pioneering, Charismatic.

Organizations worked with include, among others:

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Favorite moments:

SCB map 2014Spearheading the Local Chapters program for the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), taking the program from almost nothing to 40+ vigorous chapters worldwide that serve 1500 members and do extensive on-the-ground conservation and policy work.


COP 15 bCo-leading Mediator Beyond Borders’ 1st Climate Change Project and 40 mediators to the UN’s Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen (COP 15, 2009).


Serving on SCB’s international Board of Governors and the North America Board of Directors. Influencing environmental public policy, empowering upcoming leaders, building organizational capacity.



TCBRC 2013Co-facilitating a roundtable to resolve a heated environmental dispute between a local community and government agency. Successfully using conflict management and consensus-building techniques. Lead author on the resulting 5-year management plan.


100_3211Founding the Queen Salons, training women across the US in the art and craft of authentic feminine leadership, and helping hundreds of women live as their best and most authentic selves.





Speaking at over 25 conferences, workshops, and seminars around the globe.


“I am so grateful for Fiona’s contribution to this world. She has fostered a community built on an authentic leadership style (specific for women), emphasizing feminine strengths, personal honor, and the ability to empower others. That circle of influence was instrumental in my growth as a woman and as a leader. Her insight, humor, and commitment to calling forth the best of human spirit have been an inspiration to me and so many women. I have transformed in ways I never could have imagined, embracing my passion and purpose which actually resulted in my recent testimony before Congress.” ~ Sylvia Thompson, President, NAMI Westside-LA

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