Authentic Feminine Leadership

“Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?”

Lucy Ricardo had it right in her classic Vitameatavegamin commercial. And even though she was exhorting you to get a super-mega-dose of nutrients (and alcohol) from a bottle, she was also describing the classic symptoms of a woman who’s been living and working in her masculine energy too long.

Sick. Cranky. Exhausted. Disconnected. Alone. Gets the job done, maybe even really well, but – boy – what a cost!

Feminine energy – soft, spacious, sweet, and amazingly powerful in its own right. Think Cleopatra, a quintessential woman who ruled her world. You’re a take-charge woman living in a whirlwind of getting it all done – Why cut your own power in half by not using your feminine energy too?

 Would you love to be the kind of woman who successfully lives a healthier, happier, more joyous, and more authentic life?
As a leader, would you like to learn how to consciously integrate your masculine and feminine energies so you can use your FULL power and be even MORE effective at work, without giving up your soft, beautiful, feminine self?

Authentic Feminine Leader (AFL): One who integrates her masculine and feminine energies so she is not only good at her job, but is also authentic to herself as a woman. One who recognizes, values, respects, and uses all the tools at her disposal so she can be fulfilled at work and at home, in herself and in her life. One who knows and trusts that she herself is her own source of wisdom, answers, and goodness in the world.  ~ Dr. Fiona Nagle, coach for Authentic Leadership

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