Authentic Leadership


A new paradigm for those who dream of making a difference in the world.

~~ Authentic to yourself, authentic to the times. ~~


Do you follow your heart and interests, do the things that no one else will do?
Are you a leader in your work or community, or find yourself in charge because no one else is willing or able?
Do you strive for a greater cause, something bigger than yourself that improves people’s lives, helps other species, or protects the planet?

Changemaker – Someone with the ability to see an existing need or challenge, and the imagination and drive to do something about it. Visionary – someone who can see the future and the possibilities for reaching the greatness of human potential.

Are you ever frustrated, upset, or exhausted by what you’re up to?
Do you feel like you’re carrying too much of the burden, or it’s too big for you?
Does it seem like you have no life and your family and friends are paying the price?

Challenges – There’s so much to be done. You’re 1 person or organization with a limited amount of time and energy. How to build power and capacity so you can make your vision into reality with grace and integrity….


 Authentic Leadership. A way to achieve your vision that…
  • Is empowering, inspiring, and uplifting
  • Feels more authentic to who you are and what you’re about
  • Relies on your personal integrity, insight, and wisdom
  • Energizes you and your team, supporters, and mentors
  • Allows you, family, and friends to be happier and healthier
  • Fulfills your vision effectively, creatively, enjoyably, and beautifully
  • By its very essence serves people and planet for a greater good and for generations to come


It’s about YOU.

A practical leadership style that combines sincere intention, with concrete action, and is meaningful, ethical, and visionary. It works because it’s grounded in WHO YOU ARE and then framed by certain key guiding principles.   A new paradigm in leadership, a better way of getting things done that allows you to empower your visions, be your best self, help others reach their highest potential, and do good things for the planet.

Common scenario: A boss who demands perfection regardless of the lack of resources, has unrealistic deadlines, micromanages his employees’ work, doesn’t follow through on his promises – that’s an inauthentic leader. He’s undermined the ability of the staff and partners to fulfill the vision, caused resentment and mistrust, and let his own ego and insecurities get in the way.

Imagine this: A boss who acts first with integrity, insight, and humaneness; serves as the coordinator not the micromanager; provides his team with abundant resources and opportunities; adapts fluidly to changing needs and conditions; creates practices that enrich the local community and support a real environmental cause – that’s an authentic leader. He’s empowered his staff and partners to own the vision, helped others to grow their skills and talents, and role-modeled a more authentic and conscientious way of being.

Ninja level – A boss or organization that considers how big a scope of influence they can have on the world, and what accountability they can have for serving people and planet. And then puts their money where their mouth is, walks the talk.


It’s about the ZEITGEIST, the spirit of the times.

Many leaders are taught that simply issuing orders and expecting the job to get done is the bottom line of authority. And perhaps, because they’re wearing the hat of power, that they should be followed obediently or without question. In some cultures or scenarios, like the military, this works. But in most cases, this classic old-school top-down style of leadership is not that effective anymore.

The reason is because nowadays people are much more attuned to a heightened consciousness, one that is aware that the well-being of people, communities, cultures, and planet are intimately connected together. That we are, in fact, at a crossroads in human history as a civilization and as a species.  Participation, transparency, empowerment, sustainability, and a global long-term outlook are the current zeitgeist, the spirit of the times.

The old leadership paradigm that emphasized profit and self as the bottom line is very passé. A new and different kind of leadership is needed, one that takes a big-picture view and is accountable for making the world a better place. One that is much more collaborative, thoughtful, and empowering, and that includes consideration and commitment to people and planet. One that is more authentic to ourselves, the human potential for greatness, and the zeitgeist, no matter how small – or big – the project, cause, or vision.

Visionary, courageous, empowering, inspiring, integrous, insightful, sustainable. THAT is Authentic Leadership.