Women Leaders

Coaching for take-charge women who want to take charge of their life

Are you a take-charge woman living in a whirlwind of getting it all done? Do you feel stretched too thin, physically unwell, disconnected from yourself or others, unable to be soft and feminine with loved ones? Maybe you even feel like you have to choose between being “nice” and being “bitchy”.

These are the hazards of leadership when you rely heavily on your hard, masculine, “hunting” energy and don’t strategically access your soft, feminine, “inviting” energy. As women, living in our masculine cuts our power in half, makes us physically ill, and deeply affects our personal life, well-being, and relationships. Learn more here.

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The answer is Authentic Feminine Leadership.

Since 2008, I’ve been developing a style of Authentic Feminine Leadership proven to be effective, nourishing, and liberating. With this leadership approach, I’ve…


  • Successfully and satisfyingly directed nonprofits, empowered teams and colleagues, and managed complex projects
  • Helped hundreds of women to understand, nurture, and strengthen their own most authentic and feminine selves
  • Trained 50 carefully selected women leaders across the US and Canada in this style of Authentic Feminine Leadership

We’ve found that women who authentically integrate their “hunting” and “inviting” energies not only feel better in body and soul, but transform hundreds of lives with their newly-honed skills and power. Plus they get what they need while remaining true to their soft, strong, feminine self – “nice” and “bitchy” no longer are part of the equation.

Please contact me for personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs and desires.

~ I’ll bring my carefully-crafted knowledge, intuitive illumination, and eagle-eyed guidance.
~ You bring your openness to learning, natural capacity to grow, and willingness to trust in yourself.
~ Together we’ll release and channel your natural feminine strength so that you can be your most effective and power-filled leader.

Say good-bye to overwork, exhaustion, and all the negative consequences; say hello to living and leading with grace, beauty, power, and authenticity.

First 30-minute coaching is FREE. $80/hour thereafter. Also ask me about 6-week-plus coaching ratesCONTACT ME BUTTON